Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Benefits of Readers' Theater in Teaching Literature

Animal Farm: A TESL UM Production

George Orwell's ''Animal Farm'' (1945):
(Adapted to Readers' Theatre and Directed by Roselina Khir Johari)
(Featuring the Cast of TESL UM Batch 2007/2008)

Admission tickets to the play!
The pigs: Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer

Readers' threatre in action

The horses

The great confrontation between Snowball and Napoleon 

The sheep

Group photo after the show

''Remember always your duty of enmity towards Man and all his ways. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. And remember also that in fighting against Man, we must not come to resemble him. Even when you have conquered him, do not adopt his vices. No animal must ever live in a house, or sleep in a bed, or wear clothes, or drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco, or touch money, or engage in trade. All the habits of Man are evil. And, above all, no animal must ever tyrannise over his own kind. Weak or strong, clever or simple, we are all brothers. No animal must ever kill any other animal. All animals are equal.'' - Old Major, the pig 

''All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” - Benjamin, the donkey

A TESL UM Production by Me

TESL Production 2013: A Midsummer Night's Dream In modern prose...
(A Play by William Shakespeare)
(Directed by Roselina Khir Johari)

Below: Is a short video of the 1st part of the play.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This is the 2nd link to my assignment:

Assignment 2

The following is the link to my assignment:

Assignment 1

Hello, welcome to my blog

Assalamualaikum Prof,
Greetings from your student of class PGA 7003/8003. This is my blog which I just now created.  I will attach my two assignments as soon as I figure out how to.

Have a good weekend.

Roselina Johari Bt Md Khir